Two real estate companies suspended for violating money laundering and terrorism funding law

KUWAIT: The government is ready for the inaugural parliamentary session due to be held on Tuesday and discussing the grilling motions filed by MP Mohammed Hayef against Finance Minister Nayef Al-Hajraf and by MP Omar Al-Tabtabaei against Minister of State for Housing Affairs Jenan Bushehri, well-informed governmental sources said
The government has the right upon parliamentary approval to demand postponing discussing both motions for two weeks because regulations give ministers the right of postponement without parliamentary approval if the concerned grilling motion was filed less than two weeks before the discussion session, and with approval if it was filed more than two weeks earlier, which is the case in both motions.

“However, the government will not postpone the discussion, which means that the inaugural session is expected to be a long one that may last until the early hours of Wednesday,” the sources remarked, noting that the government believes that it would be more comfortable discussing both motions in one session to ease the pressure and arrange more votes in favor of its ministers.

Further, the sources predicted that no-confidence motions will be filed and that the government already knows that at least 10 lawmakers are ready to file them for each motion. “Nonetheless, the government is fully confident this will not be achieved because it takes the votes of at least 25 lawmakers to pass a no-confidence motion,” the sources explained, noting that 18 lawmakers are currently willing to vote in the no-confidence motions but the government is trying to reduce the number by contacting some of them. “If the government finds both ministers over barrels, it will then resort to a limited reshuffle, which is not likely to happen,” the sources concluded.

Money laundering
The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) announced suspending the licenses of two real estate companies as per law number 106/2013 pertaining money laundering and terrorism funding. In this regard, a statement issued by MoCI explained that the suspension decisions were made by undersecretary Abdullah Al-Afasi, ordering the temporary suspension of the two companies, their subsidiaries and partners’ licenses and activities until the violations detected are removed.

Shamlan harbor
Kuwait Fishermen’s Union stressed its keenness on protecting fishermen’s rights and safety, adding that more and more complaints have been pouring in from fishermen concerning accidents and serious injuries they have been suffering because of the old marina at Shamlan harbor. “Many fishermen have suffered from such accidents while sailing in and out of the harbor,” the union said in a statement yesterday, noting that it had sent several complaints to the company responsible for maintaining the harbor demanding repairs, especially since the harbor has been serving fishermen for over 20 years without due maintenance. “Unfortunately, the company has been ignoring the complaints,” the union said, noting that a citizen recently fell from the harbor and is currently receiving medical treatment for injuries to his leg and arm at Amiri Hospital.

2,053 apartments
The Public Authority for Housing Welfare stressed that the total value of its projects is around KD 1.3 billion, while the total number of citizens who have so far applied to get housing units in South Sabah Al-Ahmad City is 1,600, in addition to 320 applying to get an apartment in Jaber Al-Ahmad City’s vertical housing units. The authority added 2,053 apartments will be allocated to be rented to Kuwaiti women.

By A Saleh