IbrahimTerrorist acts are taking place in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries by terrorist groups with different origins, ideologies and goals. They are tied to more than one sect, be it by action or by planning, and between them, pens compete and media rush to incite against this group or that and generalize the criminal act on the entire sect.

Calls have been made for legislations to tackle it, as if we are calling for the displacement of an entire constituent of the society from the arena without considering the country’s interest or the Amiri moves to contain any negative act that affects the internal front and the cohesiveness of its national fabric. But what is required is limiting the accusation to those involved or to the planners of the criminal acts, and that criticism be constructive without using the event to charge people for achieving group gains we are not in need of.

Let us be realistic, and more precisely, the fabric of Kuwait society is made of two main sects Sunnis and Shiites who co-lived and will continue to do so on the country’s soil, in love, for many years, and history bears witness to them and for their effective contributions to building Kuwait society politically, socially and economically. They defended it with all they had without regard to ideologies, which is considered a personal matter, but regretfully some political orientations that are wrapped in religious impressions with different names, loyalty and ideological aspirations, even within the same sect, that appear in the local arena due to the regional political events and attract youth, including extremist groups that have sympathy, links and even contacts with foreign bodies.

Also, there are extreme opinions and ideas that do not belong to and are not linked to those sects, that work on the heinous sectarian aspect and spread division and strife among citizens of the ‘one’ country. Yes, difference is the way of life, and what I see as right, others may see as wrong. Also any opinion can be wrong and the other’s opinion may be right in all aspects of life, but to insult any sect and describe with the worst of terms, then this is the start of dismantling and slipping away, and it is a direct threat to the social security and peace.

We have the right to ask: Are hearts charged so much with sectarian spirit and its poisons? And is that due to the government’s forgiveness in allowing the freedom of opinion and expression, a way for strife and division? I say, while I am sure, that the government and security apparatus will never allow, along with the entire society, this matter, and that the government’s stick is thick and can eradicate this sickness, regardless of its source, hoping to fear Almighty Allah for the sake of our country and realize the danger of what we say and we should have examples from history.

—Translated by Kuwait Times

By Adel Al-Ibrahim