General Security police can’t issue traffic tickets

KUWAIT: The Interior Ministry’s Assistant Undersecretary for General Security Lt Gen Faisal Al-Nawaf issued a decision to take back traffic ticket books from all non-commissioned officers and policemen of the sector and hand them to the traffic department. Sources said the decision was taken after an increasing number of complaints from citizens and expats against non-commissioned officers and policemen of the supervisory and inspection department at the traffic violations investigation department, accusing them of maliciousness and abuse of authority in issuing traffic tickets. The sources said the general security policemen’s job does not include issuing traffic tickets, and some of them are not fully aware of the traffic violations law. – Al-Qabas

Pharmacies back on
KUWAIT: The urgent administrative court suspended an administrative decision to close pharmacies at cooperative societies not registered in the name of a Kuwaiti pharmacist. It will discuss the case in a 2020 session, as it said the pharmaceutical law 30/2016 is void of conditions and procedures after reviewing it. – Al-Qabas

Degrees’ forgery
KUWAIT: The mechanism of approving degrees adopted by the engineers’ society discovered six persons who forged their degrees, who were sent to the prosecution and jailed. Informed sources said the forgers include one Syrian and five Indians working on contracts in the oil sector for private companies in various engineering jobs. The degrees of 615 persons were rejected by the engineering society and they were not given work permits as engineers, so they changed their job titles. Statistics showed that 225 became technical supervisors, 156 computer programmers, 108 maintenance technicians, 91 general supervisors and 82 foremen. It is notable that some transferred to jobs that have nothing to do with engineering, such as four as security officers, three as blacksmiths and three as money collectors. – Al-Qabas