By Ben Garcia

KUWAIT: In celebration of its 60th years of diplomatic relations with Kuwait, the Ambassador of France to Kuwait Claire Le Flécher hosted an international Teacher’s Day reception in honor of the local and expatriates French speaking teachers. “Nearly 60 years of friendship – this year, we celebrate the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations and friendship between France and Kuwait,” she told the invited guests as she inaugurated the event.

She said the French language has been taught in Kuwait since 1966, when it was introduced into the school system. “I thank the Ministry of National Education and the General Inspectorate for the Teaching of the French Language, which together adhere to the principles stipulated in the “cultural and artistic” cooperation agreement of June 18, 1969, namely: “striving to organize and develop the teaching of the French language in their educational institutions.”

The envoy said there are more than 500 French teachers in the public secondary school and nearly 200 teachers in private schools. French is the third language taught in Kuwait, after Arabic and English, which indicates the existence of strong and lasting relations between our two countries. “Approximately 30,000 learners each year – public and private systems combined; Nearly 10,000 students study French at the baccalaureate every year,” she said.

“French is the language of the future in Kuwait – I congratulate the teachers for their hard work, because together they make it possible to preserve the Francophone in Kuwait, which today has been taken to the highest level by such personalities as the current Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Ahmed Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Sabah,” she said.

Anwar Al-Khandari, General Technical instructor of French Language in Kuwait congratulated French teachers in Kuwait for propagating the language in this part of the world. “On November 25 of each year, we celebrate the International Day of French Teachers. It is an event for French teachers and all those who teach French all over the world. The objective is to promote the profession of French teacher through initiatives, activities and events that will create bonds and solidarity.

This friendly reception represents a meeting place for French-speaking teachers in Kuwait, they exchange ideas, encounter rich moments of discussions and share their experiences and practices,” he said. The International Day of French Teacher’s Day is an event created in 2019 at the initiative of the President of the French Republic and carried by the International Federation of French Teachers.