KUWAIT: A citizen working for the traffic police was recently referred to prosecution on charges of forgery and embezzling public funds. The man was caught using a former employee’s password to access the traffic department’s computer system of ticketing. He would change the names on tickets from the real offenders to people who had died or been deported. The real offenders would pay him half the value of the ticket instead as a bribe. Corruption, fraud and bribery are on the rise at government institutions and especially those that deal directly with the public.

Americans involved in accident
Three American contractors were reportedly involved in a car accident yesterday in the southern part of Kuwait. All three of the men work in Kuwait. It was not clear what was the cause of the accident.

Meth dealer’s house raided
A 26-year-old citizen was recently arrested for possessing and trading in drugs. The man’s home in Bayan was raided by police and several large packets of meth were found ready for distribution.

Citizen beaten
A citizen was brutally beaten by two others who did not like him driving back and forth in their neighborhood where he was looking for a specific address, said security sources.

Driver damages police patrol
A search is on for a reckless driver who deliberately backed his pickup vehicle into a police patrol that had ordered him to pull over and damaged it before he dashed away, said security sources.
Stories translated from the Arabic newspapers