Four earthquakes hit Kuwait in 2020

KUWAIT: Kuwait witnessed at least four earthquakes during the passing year. It also loomed high in Arab and international indexes for protecting the environment. The following are highlights of some events at the environmental level:

March 27: Kuwait registered a 3.2-magnitude quake in Al-Abdali area north of the country.
June 10: Kuwait ranked second at the Arab level and 47th internationally in the global environmental index, advancing by 14 points.

Oct 6: The National Seismic Network, a Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) affiliate, recorded a 2.4-degree earthquake east and west of Boubyan island.

Nov 11: The National Seismic Network recorded a 4.6-degree quake southwest of Kuwait.
Dec 21: Kuwait National Seismic Network (KNSN) registered a 4.4-magnitude tremor southwest of Kuwait. – KUNA