KUWAIT: Several crimes were reported in Kuwait during the weekend, which followed a string of offences reported last week. In one of the cases reported on Friday, two Kuwaitis – a man and a woman – were found dead in an apartment in seaside Shaab, according to local reports. Police who arrived at the scene noticed bruises on the head of the male citizen. Detectives have launched an investigation to find out the exact causes of the deaths, Al-Rai Arabic daily reported yesterday.

Meanwhile, the body of a 32-year-old Kuwaiti was taken to the coroner after he was found dead in a vehicle, another daily reported yesterday. The prosecutor decided to register the case as a suspected felony. The deceased was reported to have a criminal record, according to the Al-Anbaa Arabic daily report.

Separately, Abdullah Al-Mubarak detectives solved the case of a newborn girl found near a trash dumpster. A police source said the mother – an unmarried woman in her 30s – was arrested. She said she dumped the baby hours after delivering her at home without the help of anyone, reported Al-Anbaa.

In other case, police received a call about an attempted murder, so policemen were dispatched to the scene. The Arab woman who called them said her son – a Kuwaiti – threatened to kill her with a sharp object. When police inquired about her, she was found wanted on a misdemeanor case. When she was taken to the police station, her son arrived with a sharp object in an attempt to enable her to escape, but he was subdued and arrested, Al-Anbaa reported yesterday. He was also found wanted for damaging a police patrol vehicle. Both were sent to concerned authorities.

On Thursday, police had arrested a man after he has allegedly killed his sister in Taima. The victim had reportedly called police to seek help, saying that she had been held captive inside her home for two months. When her brother found out, he attacked her with a knife before police made it to the scene, and she was dead by the time they arrived. A day before, one man reportedly succumbed to a gunshot wound after he quarreled with a policeman who stopped him for reckless driving in the same area.

KUWAIT: This handout photo released by the Interior Ministry yesterday shows a suspect arrested on drug trafficking charges.

Drug dealer arrested
In the meantime, the Interior Ministry announced yesterday that police arrested a citizen for bringing in 1.5kg of shabu (methamphetamine) hidden in a sweets’ parcel that was imported to Kuwait. Drugs Control General Department officers received tips about the arrival of a parcel through a courier with sweet boxes, in which drugs were hidden. Customs were contacted and the shipping policy number was obtained, then when the shipment arrived, it was let out under police surveillance.

Police tracked the shipment until it reached a house where the citizen came out, and he was placed under arrested after he received the parcel. The man confessed of importing the drugs with intend to sell, the ministry said. When his residence was searched, police found 20 grams of hashish, seven narcotic pills, and a shotgun. He was taken to concerned authorities for further action.

A screegrab showing smoke bellowing from the roof of the Roudha Co-operative Society yesterday.

Also yesterday, firemen put out a blaze that broke out in a local co-operative society yesterday. Footage showing shoppers being evacuated from a supermarket in Kuwait after the fire alarm went off had went viral on social media yesterday. Kuwait Fire Force later confirmed that Shuhada firemen put out the fire that broke out in an air conditioning unit on the roof of the Roudha Co-operative Society. No injuries were reported as an investigation was opened, KFF said.