Former officials sentenced for embezzlement

KUWAIT: The criminal court issued an arrest warrant for two former undersecretaries of the ministry of health and three employees of the ministry of awqaf and Islamic affairs for embezzling public funds. The two ex-ministers were sentenced to seven years in prison, ordered to return €4.8 million, fined €9.6 million, dismissed from their jobs and prohibited from holding any public office position in the future.

As for the employees from the awqaf ministry, one of whom is an expat, they were sentenced to 10 years in prison, obligated to return KD 207,000 and fined twice the amount requested to be returned. The first accused was also ordered to be dismissed from his position for misappropriating public funds, while the third accused (the expat) will be deported after implementing his punishment.

Domestic violence
Detectives are searching for a man who injured his mother and sister after he beat them and disappeared. The incident took place in Jahra. Police received a report from Jahra Hospital about the injuries suffered by a woman and her daughter, who told them they were caused by her son.

Theft charge
A Kuwaiti man accused a Sri Lankan helper of stealing his wife’s jewelry. The citizen told police his wife discovered a broken cupboard in her room with the jewelry missing. He accused the helper because she has disappeared and is not answering his calls. Police are working on the case. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai and Al-Anbaa