KUWAIT: Kuwait’s Ministry of Higher Education announced yesterday the discovery of a number of forged diplomas issued by an Arab country in the past few months for various university stages and the arrest of an expatriate accomplice working in the ministry. The ministry said in a statement that as per the instructions of the Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education Dr Hamed Al-Azmi, the legal sector represented by the Department of Cases and Investigations in the Ministry began investigating what was circulated in the social networking sites about the arrest of one of the expatriates working in the ministry and his role in this regard.

It added that the investigation was carried out in cooperation with the Department of Equivalence of Scientific Degrees in the Ministry and the competent cultural office, which resulted in the transfer of many forged diploma holders to the Public Prosecution as well as the withdrawal of the equivalence of diplomas issued by the Ministry during the past months. It pointed out that coordination with the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ministry of Interior was conducted to detect the accomplices responsible for forging such diplomas, pointing out that the constructive cooperation between the concerned parties led to the arrest of an expatriate working in the ministry. – KUNA