Photo by Yasser Al-Zayyat

KUWAIT: Extending to its leadership and success in the industry All Wood Design- a subsidiary of Mohamed Al Mahmoud Company signs an agreement with a well-reputed German company Hafele. This agreement was established to create a joint design studio between All Wood Design Studio and Hafele. This ultimate partnership will enable All Wood Design to offer its customers with an enhanced custom experience for all sorts of wood works. Their partnership was celebrated during the grand opening of Hafele Design Studio that took place on July 3rd, 2018. The showroom was specifically designed to highlight All Wood Design’s modern and exceptional products operated by Hafele technical solutions.

Commenting on this partnership is Eng. Mohamed Al Mahmoud, General Manager of Mohamed Al Mahmoud Company: “We are pleased to announce that Hafele has confidently chosen us as a partner to open thefirst in the middle eastHafele Design Studio being introduced here in Kuwait. Through this joint showroom we are offering customers with a wide range of cabinets, doors and furniture enabling customers a peace of mind as it an internationally designed and developed technology.”

Speaking on behalf of Hafele is its Regional Manager, Younis Saeed: “We have established a well-reputed name in the international marketplace as we were able to create local market confidence while using our products. Today, we begin a new journey with All Wood Design that is a subsidiary of Mohamed Al Mahmoud Company, as we have come to realize that they share our same vision and strategy of offering customers sophistication in furniture design while assimilating high quality; hence our integration comes about to establish for the first time in the middle east here in Kuwait Hafele’s Design Studio.”
Mohamed Al Mahmoud Group is one of the prominent companies in Kuwait that manufacture metal and wooden doors and all its accessories and supplies. It successfully established its name in the local market gaining market confidence, and thus making itself the preferred company of choice for many leading projects in Kuwait such as individual and corporate clients. The Group’s most renown projects include; Kuwait Central Bank, Al Hamra Tower, Rotana Al Manshar Hotel, Al Farwaniya Hospital, and Al Asima Tower.

The Group owns a factory to manufacture wood works to suit any clients needs, that is well equipped with the latest industrial technology of equipment and machinery. The factory is run by professional and high- level engineers and technicians. The plants production capacity is able to produce more that 150 finished doors per day. The engineering team within the factory is committed to adhere to the highest standards of quality and accuracy of production to produce the final desired product, which provides customers with the highest levels of satisfaction of the quality. For more information about All Wood Design please follow @AllWoodesign on instagram to keep update with their latest innovations.

Hafele is one of the world’s leading door and furniture accessories manufacturers, as it international market experience of a 100 years. The company employees more than 7,600 employees in various productive and engineering sectors, and includes agents in 37 other centers around the world. The company produces a wide array of high quality and durable accessories including sling hinges, bolt fasteners, drawer rails, regular and electronic locks, office tables and supports, drawer doors, cabinets and lighted shelves, and other small engineering pieces and accessories for doors and furniture.