German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s backing of stricter laws by its party to expel convicted refugees involved in sexual attacks in Cologne and her stressing that “if crimes were committed and laws were broken, this must have consequences with regard to residency permits and political asylum applications, changing laws in a way that benefits both citizens and the majority of refugees and makes those who sexually assaulted women feel a tougher grip of the law”, is very important because many troublemakers and outlaws have infiltrated into Germany with the refugees bringing their chaotic and bad manners along with them.

On the other hand, latest German statistics about crimes were mostly related to physical assaults and robberies and stressed that people coming to Germany for political asylum had never been involved in sexual crimes. The reports also showed a growing opposition by radical parties to accepting refugees from the Middle East.

Merkel’s focus is on law enforcement, not retreating, calling for debate and civilized coexistence, focusing on finding the right solutions and avoiding reactions, because Europe is already roaring with anti-refugee protests. “This calls for stricter measures against refugees involved in sexual assaults,” she underlined, pointing out that the number of refugees was the largest since World War II, which caused a lot of destruction and devastation, forcing and displacing similar numbers to neighboring countries.

By Labeed Abdal