Real Fouz

Flowers are one of my favorite things that can instantly brighten up my day. I love receiving as well as giving flowers; the whole concept of arranging flowers is a big passion of mine. One of the main reasons I love flowers so much is because they remind me of why we received them every time we look at them. They also don’t last very long and don’t really have a practical use, which is the beauty of receiving flowers. It conveys a message from someone at that given time, so it’s something that you cherish even more than other kinds of gifts.

Peonies are my personal favorite kind of flowers. Since peonies bloom from May to June, they always remind me of summer and instantly brighten my mood. Their petals and beautiful fragrance give them such a girly, feminine feel which is why I think I love them so much. We all have a favorite flower that we’re drawn to, however, I never knew that your favorite flower can tell you so much about your personality. I’ve been doing my researching about it and I found a lot of interesting information that I would like to share with my readers.

“Radiate happiness and love simply by a flower”
Let’s start with my favorite, peonies. Peonies symbolize a happy life, good health, a happy marriage and prosperity. I found that if peonies are your favorite flower it means that you’re a positive person who is thoughtful and empathetic towards others. You also have a bold, bright, and elegant style, but not overbearing. If roses are your favorite flower it means that you think with your heart. You’re classy, timeless, and know how to make a statement.

Tulips mean that you’re confident and thoughtful and your personality changes a lot depending on your mood, however you’re always sleek and coordinated. Sunflowers say that your style is bright and warm and that you thrive around people and love being the center of attention.

Daises are loved by those who are optimistic and can find the good in any bad situation-they always know what to say to make people smile. Lilacs say that you live for all things nostalgic-going through old photos from your past, antiques shops, watching old shows-and you’re all about infusing your style with vintage pieces.

Lilies mean you’re a happy, impassioned hard worker and you’re not afraid to be proud of your accomplishments. Your style is always perfectly tailored, and you know how to stand out in a crowd.

If Orchids are your favorite then you’re both sophisticated and mysterious- you’re never the loudest or most glamorous person in the room, but people are still drawn to you. Your style is all about the details, and they’re always onpoint. So next time when you plan on buying or gifting flowers, look beyond the pretty colors and amazing fragrance and make your choice depending on the meaning, I think it will make a much more thoughtful gift.

By Real Fouz