KUWAIT: Kuwait Airways Company (KAC) achieved an increase in punctual flight arrivals to Kuwait International Airport in August, reaching 93.9 percent compared with 88 percent in July, a statement by the company said yesterday. Kuwait Airways earned ninth place in punctuality out of 175 airlines in Europe, Africa and the Middle East and first place in the Middle East, according to a report by British aviation company (OAG), the statement added. This ranking confirms the good time-bound policies adopted by the board of directors and implemented by the executive management efficiently and professionally, statement noted.

KAC will aspire more achievements for valued customers in various fields and to complete its leading role in the field of civil aviation at the Arab and international levels, the statement pointed out. Kuwait Airways was established in 1953 as a private company under the name of ‘Kuwait National Airlines Limited. In 1962, The Kuwaiti government owned 100 percent ownership of company and has about 40 destinations worldwide. – KUNA