KUWAIT: Public funds forgery departments busted a five-member international gang who stole from companies through financial transfers that were forged professionally, then left the country as soon as they completed the transactions. Security sources said the five, all Indians, entered Kuwait on May 1 for a few hours and went to several local banks with forged documents signed by major companies in Kuwait to transfer millions in funds.

The sources said the gang members are highly professional in the field of international theft, and know how to get into the country and disguise their movements, selecting their residences and ways to avoid inspection by bank employees. They also do not use any equipment. They monitor to find if they are being monitored and are trained about the places they plan to visit. They have all documents in their possession including forged civil IDs, driving licenses and passports.

The sources said when all the suspects left the country, a bank discovered, after learning from a company in whose name the transfer was made, that it did not authorize such a transfer, so the company complained and banks stopped all transfers.

Sources added that a team was formed and was able to identify the suspects, who all work for technology companies and reside in Gulf countries. They said the team was able to trace the movements of the gang members using cameras at the airport, banks, hotels and the cafe where they met, and their real identities were discovered in cooperation with criminal detectives in Gulf countries where they reside, who were very cooperative.

The sources said follow-up and coordination resulted in the arrest of the main suspect who resides in Qatar, and he was extradited to Kuwait on Sunday within hours after the request. He confirmed all information the investigating team had found. Two suspects are in the UAE and are being arrested, one in Bahrain who was arrested and one is in India and is being sought by Interpol.

A bedoon (stateless) man hanged himself to death inside a building that belongs to the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources. A security source said the man’s body was found near the shooting range near Sixth Ring Road. The body was sent to the coroner and the case was handed to detectives. Preliminary information revealed that the deceased was studying medicine in Cairo, lives in Sulaibiya and was suffering from mental illness. He was 22 years old. Separately, an Indian man hanged himself to death at his residence in Mahboula. His body was sent to the medical examiner, and the case is being investigated.

Fugitive caught
A Kuwaiti ex-convict failed in his attempt to escape from an inspection point in Ardhiya. The suspect has four arrest warrants against him, all for felony cases. He was sent to criminal detectives for further action.

Physical assault
A citizen in his thirties accused one of his cousins of entering his house with an intention to commit a crime and beating him, after he stormed his diwaniya. The citizen went to Ali Sabah Al-Salem police station with a medical report stating he suffered broken teeth and bruises, accusing his cousin of causing it.

Harasser at large
A female citizen accused a young man of harassing her in a Shuwaikh market, then following her all the way to her residence in Qairawan. She said that she returned to Shuwaikh to avoid any of her family members see the harasser, which may cause a big problem. She gave police the plate number of the suspect’s car and lodged a complaint. – Al-Rai