KUWAIT: Police arrested a number of Iranians and Egyptians for fighting inside the fish market yesterday. The Egyptians claimed that the Iranians were cheating by selling fish imported from Iran as fish caught in Kuwait. Assistant Undersecretary for Security Affairs Major General Ibrahim Al-Tarrah ordered that all individuals involved in the fight be deported.


Woman found dead


A man found his mother dead in her room, and investigations later revealed that the woman might have been dead for a week before her body was discovered. The man said during questioning that his mother used to sit alone in her room lately.




Fire broke out in the garages area in Industrial Shuwaikh, prompting five fire stations to respond. The fire covered an area of 4,200 meters and was put out without any injuries reported.




Criminal detectives arrested a citizen and an Arab man for robbing ‘oil production centers’ in various locations, and taking away their brass contents. The thefts affected the continuation of productions in the centers that were robbed. The suspects used to sell the stolen material to Asian nationals.


Imposter caught


Police arrested a young man posing as a police captain. The suspect is 17 years of age and claimed to be a captain in the traffic department.




Residency Affairs detectives arrested an Asian man for attempting to bribe an officer. The suspect offered the bribe to release his compatriot who was running a gambling den. The same department arrested four Asians for running a press that was making stamps and receipts for bogus domestic help offices without security approval.




Statistics from the Central Agency for Remedying of the Illegal Residents status showed that it uncovered the original nationalities of 11,628 who were registered as bedoons from 2011 until 2017. 8,421 of those corrected their status, while 3,207 are in the process of correcting their status. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health announced yesterday that they have issued 1,821 birth and death certificates since the past eight months to bedoons in collaboration with the central agency.


By Hanan Al-Saadoun