KUWAIT: In view of holding the first hearing for suspects accused of funding IS militant groups including their leader, Fahad Farraj, security sources said that the courts complex locally known as the Justice Palace was to remain heavily guarded until the hearing is complete.

Police car accident A police patrol yesterday crashed and turned upside down. The accident occurred after a vehicle which was driving on the wrong side of the road collided into a patrolling police vehicle. The accident happened early morning yesterday near the Salmiya cooperative.

‘Inhumane’ cleaning company Municipal council member, Ali Al-Moussa, recently deemed a cleaning company accountable for transporting a number of cleaning laborers in an uncovered truck at noon in 50+ summer temperature. “This is absolutely inhumane and those responsible must be held accountable”, he called.

Office robbery details Health minister, Dr Ali Al-Obaidi reported that unknown robbers attacked the financial officer Faisal Al-Zamanan at Kuwait’s health office in Paris, while he was transferring €100,000 from the bank to the office. Al-Obaidi added that the robber sprayed Al-Zamanan’s eyes with a chemical to blind him and attempted to snatch the money away but failed.

By Mesh’al Al-Enezi