KUWAIT: Damage left by a fire reported in a Sabah Al- Salem house yesterday

KUWAIT: Firemen from the Mishref and Qurain fire stations responded to a call about a blaze in a Sabah Al-Salem house yesterday. The fire was on the first floor of a house. The flames were put out and no injuries were reported.

Car auction
The Interior Ministry’s Traffic Department announced the sale of several impounded cars at the Kuwait Public Transport Company (KPTC) garage in Mina Abdullah. The license plate numbers and owners’ names were published in papers on Thursday, Jan 10, 2019 to refer to the sales committee. The sales will be through a public auction on Wednesday, March 6, 2019. Interested buyers can inspect the cars at the garage one day before the auction.

Criminal detectives arrested a citizen in industrial Jahra for kidnapping a Kuwaiti woman following a personal dispute. The victim was injured after being beaten, Al-Rai reported yesterday. The incident began on Jahra Road near Saad Al-Abdullah Security Sciences Academy, when the suspect abducted the woman after beating her. He then sped off despite attempts by passersby to help her, so they called police and gave them his car’s license plate number. Police found the car at a gas station on Fourth Ring Road with its windows broken. The suspect was later arrested and the victim released. Investigations are ongoing.

Reckless driver subdued
A policeman subdued a reckless driver who was bragging on social media with his acts, so a patrol was sent and found him. The driver resisted and attempted to escape. This prompted a policeman to pull out his pistol and threaten to shoot him, while another policeman brought him under control, Al-Rai reported. His car was impounded.

Drunk driver caught
A drunken citizen beat and insulted a policeman before being controlled and taken along with her friend – who was also drunk – to Salmiya police station. A police patrol noticed a car being driven erratically in Salmiya, so it was pulled over and two women were found drunk inside, reported Al-Rai. One of the women refused to come out of the car and started beating and swearing at the policeman.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun