Firemen battle Jleeb makeshift warehouse blaze

KUWAIT: Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh firemen led by Major Abdelaziz Al-Kandari fought a blaze reported at a makeshift warehouse in the area yesterday. The warehouse contained tires, tents, refrigerators and air conditioners. No injuries were reported. Meanwhile, firemen put out a blaze reported in a makeshift chalet used by the security department in Naseem. No injuries were reported as well. Investigations were opened to reveal the cause of the fire in both cases.

Sentence annulled
The court of cassation yesterday annulled a sentence to fine a female citizen for tweeting the supplication ‘Hasbeya Allaho Wa Ne’ma Al-Wakeel’ (Allah is sufficient for me and the best disposer of affairs), commenting on the Al-Sadeq Mosque attack, and fully acquitted her. Notably, a citizen who had been accused in the case and was then acquitted had filed a case against the woman, but her lawyer Hura Al-Habib argued that no harm was meant and that her client meant no personal offence against the plaintiff, but was rather praying for the safety of Kuwait in general.

Suicide reported
A Kuwaiti man’s body was recovered by the coroner after he hanged himself in his room. His family noticed he was absent for some time, so they went to his room and found him hanging from the ceiling, Al-Rai reported yesterday. Police and paramedics arrived at the scene and recovered the body.

Prostitutes caught
Four women – two Spanish, a Romanian and a Czech – arrived in Kuwait to engage in prostitution. The Spanish women were charging KD 150 per hour, the Romanian KD 180 and the Czech KD 100, reported Al-Rai. Vice detectives received information about the Spanish women’s illicit activities in Mahboula, and learned they received clients who made prior appointments and charged KD 150. The women are well known on pornographic sites. An undercover source made an agreement with one of them, then gave police a signal to storm the apartment and arrest the women. The Romanian and Czech women had arrived on tourist visas and stayed in Bneid Al-Gar, where they received customers by online appointments. Their apartment was stormed following a signal from an undercover source. All four were taken to concerned authorities.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun, Meshaal Al-Enezi and Agencies