By Hanan Al-Saadoun

KUWAIT: Firemen from four different fire stations worked together Friday to put out a blaze that burned animal feed stacked up in a 2,000-square-meter open area on the side of Salmi Road near the Jahra cemetery. An investigation was opened to reveal the cause of the fire, which had left no human injuries. Occupational Jahra, Tahreer, Ardhia and back-up fire stations responded to the call reporting the fire.

Separately, Salmiya firemen responded to an emergency call reporting a traffic accident on Arabian Gulf Road Friday morning. Firemen used special equipment to free a person who was trapped in his wrecked vehicle, then handed him over to paramedics who rushed him to hospital. An investigation was opened into the accident.

Drug possession

Drug Control General Department officers arrested a man with possession of seven kilograms of a type of synthetic marijuana known with the street name ‘chemical’ in Kuwait, as well as drugs paraphernalia. The arrest came following investigations after detectives were tipped off about a person selling drugs, the Interior Ministry said in a statement to the press.

In a separate case, police arrested two men who were spotted in a co-op society’s parking lot waiving to people and apparently offering to sell them drugs. The two were under the influence of narcotics at the time of arrest, the Interior Ministry said. In the meantime, a health ministry bus driver was found drunk at a police checkpoint, and he was placed under arrest. Officers found several liquor bottles inside the bus, and the Indian man confessed to selling the banned material. He was sent to concerned authorities for further action.