KUWAIT: Kuwait Fire Service Directorate’s deputy director general for the firefighting sector Maj Gen Jamal Al-Bulaihees attended the Fazaa 2 exercise in Kabd held by the Kuwait search and rescue team. The exercise was held under the leadership of Lt Col Ahmad Askar in the presence and coordination of Lt Col Abdelwahab Faras, head of the technical rescue team.

KFSD also carried out an exercise at the air navigation department building, which is under the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, located near Kuwait airport, to gauge the fire teams’ preparedness to deal with accidents and emergencies. The exercise simulated a chemical reaction in the ozone lab on the third floor and was dealt with accordingly.

Protection and backup command carried out the Peninsula Lion 3 exercises in the presence of National Guard Secretary Lt Gen Hashim Al-Rifae. The exercise included three scenarios – shooting at fixed and mobile targets; to activate the rain plan to rescue those trapped in their vehicles; and professional training to fight terrorism.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun