KUWAIT: Firefighters battled a blaze which engulfed nine vehicles parked at a square in Salmiya on Thursday. No injuries were reported in the incident. An investigation was opened into the case. Meanwhile, Kuwait Fire Service Directorate said Qurain and Mubarak Al-Kabeer hazardous materials stations responded to a call about a fire at Adan health center. The center was evacuated and the fire was found in the lighting of a roof. An employee at the center used a fire extinguisher and put it out before firemen arrived.

Speed limit
The interior ministry’s relations and security information department denied rumors circulating on social media about changing the speed limit on Seventh Ring Road from 120 km/h. It said this measure is limited to areas where repairs are being carried out, and the speed is gradually reduced from 120 to 80 to 60. The speed limit then goes up to 120 after passing the maintenance area. Separately, the Interior Ministry Relations and Security Information Department said a video of a fight on social media claiming it was at Kuwait airport is untrue. It said the clip is not from Kuwait.

Manhole covers
Kuwait Municipality’s Public Relations Department said that cleaning workers who stole manhole covers were arrested in cooperation with the interior ministry and are being charged, while the cleaning company faces legal action. The violating workers will be deported. The department was commenting on a video clip on social media showing the theft.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun