Photos by Yasser Al-Zayyat

Who hasn’t needed to go to Kuwait City to process a transaction, handle business or do some shopping? Before going, you check your papers to make sure you have everything ready, leave with enough time beforehand so that you don’t arrive late, and fire up your navigation app to find the easiest route and steer your way through traffic. Everything seems to be going well, right? Think again, because you are probably forgetting about something very important: The herculean task of finding a parking spot.

Whether you work in Kuwait’s business district or have an appointment in the morning, brunch time or early afternoon at a company or state department there, finding a place to park your car is a nerve-wracking experience, one that Kuwait City visitors have faced daily for years. Last year’s lockdowns and ‘work from home’ mandates had resolved this problem temporarily, only for it to make a grand return with the easing of restrictions.

Nevertheless, there is some hope, as the pandemic has forced companies and state departments to increase the number of services offered online, while the government has launched digital platforms to process all kinds of transactions remotely. Until these services are widely adopted, if you have plans to drive to an appointment in Kuwait City, good luck! You’re definitely going to need it!