Kuwait: A Filipina escaped kidnapping by a roaming taxi driver in Salmiya. She filed a complaint at the area police station, as police are looking for him. The Filipina told police that she got into a taxi driven by an Egyptian, who attempted to lure her with money, but she refused. He took her to a different area then what she had requested, so she opened the door and threatened to jump out. When he stopped the car to calm her down, she escaped. Detectives are looking for the taxi driver.

Instagram defamation
A citizen accused an instagram user of defaming her by publishing a video of her, as she filed a complaint at Adan police station. Police are investigating.

Pregnant woman beaten
Police rescued a pregnant Egyptian woman from her husband who had locked her up after beating her during a domestic dispute. She was taken to Jahra hospital for treatment. Police had to go the house along with firemen to break open the door. Police are looking for the husband.