KUWAIT: Ahmadi detectives are looking for 10 men who allegedly attacked and beat up four young men inside a mall causing them fractures, cuts and bruises. The prosecutor has listed the case as a felony. Meanwhile, in another incident, a video clip shared on social media documented a fight in Shuwaikh area between two youths. The reason for the fight was unknown though some rumors indicate it was because of the kiki dance. Kuwaiti authorities have banned the popular viral ‘challenge’ whereby social media users film themselves dancing alongside a moving car.

Keifan coop theft
A young man was taken to Keifan police station charged with theft of three sets of earphones for mobiles phones. Police received a call from Keifan coop, saying that a young man was caught in the act of stealing the earphones. The suspect confessed to taking the ear phones but denied that he intended to steal them. A case was filed.

Saudi kills brother, friend
Border Policemen arrested a Saudi national who attempted to escape after killing both his brother and a mutual friend. The suspect was held at the border as a travel ban was placed on him for having prior debt charges. He then confessed to the killing and said he was attempting to escape the country. A security source said the suspect was taken to Um Al-Haiman where he committed the crime and where the bodies of the two victims were found in the house diwaniya. The suspect said he had used a machine gun to kill his victims.

Drug user asleep in car
A 20something man was found in his car on a major highway asleep at the wheel and under the influence of a narcotic substance. Policemen discovered the man when they found the car stalled in the middle of a highway, with posted speeds of up to 120 km per hour. The driver was arrested and sent to the Drugs Control General Department. The incident took place on King Fahad Road near Subahiya.

Masked men fail in robbery bid
Two masked men entered a construction site in Kabd to steal copper cables, but an Egyptian guard at the site confronted the two men. The guard was attacked, with one of the suspects holding the guard while the other beat and stabbed him. The two men then escaped and the guard called the police and paramedics. The guard was transferred to the hospital for treatment and police are investigating the assault and failed robbery. Authorities have arrested several gangs specialized in stealing copper cables from farms and electricity stations.

Fire fighters save 9 people
Farwanya and Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh fire centers rescued nine persons including children who were trapped by fire in their Rihab area house. The fire destroyed the entire place before firemen brought it under control. – translated by Kuwait Times from the Arabic press