ShihabFIFA achieved what it wanted towards Kuwait sports, and decided on what it wished with premeditation to stop Kuwait sports activities for the second time, and with that it stabbed the heart of Kuwait, before targeting Kuwaiti sports and athletes.

I expected such a decision, because intentions were clear and indicators do not need any clarification, despite the marathon meetings between the government delegation led by Information Minister and State Minister for Youth Affairs Sheikh Salman Al-Sabah and his delegation with FIFA officials, who confessed to receiving wrong information and different from those given by the government delegation.

With those confessions, they should have been more realistic and fair in dealing with this case, and not consider the lies they received from those who sought the suspension from inside Kuwait, with regret. What we knew after the meeting of the government delegation with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), is that the delegation asked for the points that alleged government interference, and IOC promised to send them, while at the same time gave two more weeks as a deadline to send the clarifications.

The Kuwait delegation rejected the deadline in respect of Kuwait laws and the state’s sovereignty, which do not accept any encroachment from FIFA, IOC or others. All promises of FIFA did not take place, rather they carried out their game and brought in the suspension, as if they do not know, or they know and ignore that there are countries with government interference more that those said the government here is interfering in sports, and this is a lie that came out of Kuwait, and FIFA took it with pleasure to fulfill what was wished by those who wanted the suspension by any means to feel that they got what they wanted, even if that was against Kuwait sport.

The issue, following the suspension decision, no longer requires any complacency with the sports union, following what the sports movement has seen in the form of destruction, deterioration and failure at the regional, continental and international levels.

Our sports today need a rescue tube, following where it has reached. It is enough that our reputation abroad is the talk of all satellite stations and various media, and enough pain and heartbreak that hit us (by the deed of more than one person). We were on top recently, when there were people who were not looking for the chair or budget as much as they were looking for achievements with which they raised Kuwait’s name at all events.

Congratulations to those who were hoping and longing to stop Kuwait sports activities, and they got what they wanted, but the stumble will not last long, and Kuwait will get its sports back as well as its pioneering role by those who are the people of sports, and not intruders.

—Translated by Kuwait Times

By Yousuf Al-Shihab