The Real Fouz

This past month has been such a whirlwind of excitement and as always I can’t wait to share it with my amazing followers who continue to support me and allow me to have experiences like these. I flew to New York to attend two world-class global events, the first being Bella Hadid and Bvlgari’s Goldea Roman Night perfume launch followed by the global launch of Rihanna’s brand new makeup line “Fenty Beauty”. It was such an honor to be one of the top influencers chosen by Rihanna herself to represent the Middle East at the Fenty Beauty launch.

I’ve been such a huge fan of Rihanna for as long as I can remember, so being exclusively invited to such a prestigious event was more than amazing. It was such a memorable experience to be a part of an exclusive event like this, and it is also a reminder of the amazing level of success that social media influencers in the Middle East have achieved to be recognized at worldwide events like this one. What I loved about the collection and Rihanna’s vision for this beauty line was the fact that it includes products that complement different skin tones.

As Middle Eastern girls, we often struggle with makeup brands that don’t offer shades suitable for our skin tones. Rihanna’s statement on her website says that “Fenty beauty is created for everyone: for woman of all shades, personalities, attitudes, cultures, and races. I wanted everyone to feel included. That’s the reason behind making this line”. Nowadays, so many make up brands only cater to one specific region or race and provide very limited shades which means that a lot of women aren’t able to use and try out products simply because they don’t offer their specific skin tone shade.

Rihanna’s entire vision for this line was making sure that women of all races could use and enjoy her products and feel beautiful. The diversity shown at the Fenty Beauty launch from the choice of multicultural models as well as the products themselves and the crowd was so inspiring to be a part of. My favorite products from the line have to be the Match Stix Trio. Anyone who watches my make up tutorials on Snapchat knows that I’m obsessed with using products like this to contour and highlight.

I really loved the creamy formula and how easy and blend able these sticks are. Another one of my favorites is the Gloss Bomb, which is the only lip product in the collection. It’s so moisturizing and instantly gives you fuller and smoother lips, the rose nude shade is the perfect color to complement different skin tones. As always I’m so grateful to be a part of something like this. Thank you for your continuous support and never ending love.

By The Real Fouz