KUWAIT: With the clock striking midnight on 2015, a Filipina baby was born at Farwaniya Hospital to become the first baby born in 2016. Another Kuwaiti girl was also born at Sabah Hospital, in addition to five other babies, including four girls, born at Jahra Hospital. Head of the maternity department at Farwaniya Hospital Dr Fatima Al- Kandari said that the last baby born in 2015 was a Kuwaiti girl born at 11:35 pm, before the Filipina girl was born in a healthy condition in the very first moments of the New Year. “The second delivery was that of an Indian girl at 1:50 am,” she added. Head of the Maternity Hospital Dr Waleed Al-Jassar said that five babies were born in the first hours of 2016, including a set of twins. “The first was a female Kuwaiti born at 12:05, then an Indian boy at 1:35 am, then a Syrian girl at 2:30 am,” he said.

The hospital’s maternity department head Dr Jassim Al-Hajji said that six babies were born at Adan Hospital in the first hours of 2016. “The first was a Kuwaiti girl at 12:01 am followed by an Egyptian boy at 1:20 am, then a Kuwaiti girl at 3:20 am followed by three boys, a Kuwaiti, a Saudi and a Syrian”, he explained. The head of the maternity department at Jahra Hospital Dr Sami Al-Taher said that four girls and a boy were born at the hospital in the very first hours of 2016. — Al-Anba