Felony suspicion in woman’s death

KUWAIT: Detectives are investigating an Egyptian woman’s death to determine if it was of natural causes or as a result of foul play. Her husband told them that she died at home, but the forensics report said she was exposed to a highly toxic substance. A police source said the husband told police his wife had died at home, so authorities went there. The body was taken to the coroner, where it was found the woman died after being exposed to a highly toxic insecticide, so the public prosecution took over the case due to a felony suspicion. Investigations are ongoing.

Child smoking shisha
Police are looking for a girl who made a video clip of a child smoking shisha. The clip was seen by senior interior ministry officials, so they gave instructions to concerned authorities to find and arrest her for violating the child protection law.

Harasser charged
A man who was harassing a woman attacked two detectives, injuring both in the eyes and face. Police received a call about a man harassing a Kuwaiti woman and making indecent moves, even as she ignored him. Policemen responded and asked for his ID, but he claimed not to carry any, so he was taken to the police station. The suspect started smoking while waiting for his family to bring his civil ID. Police told him to stop smoking, but he refused and also refused to enter the station. When policemen attempted to restrain him, he attacked them and injured two of them, besides shouting indecent words at them. Policemen then controlled and handcuffed him, and he was charged accordingly. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai