Kuwait: “The smell got on our nerves,” is how a citizen explained why he beat his Egyptian neighbor. The citizen said he was fed up with the cooking smell that sweeps into his flat every day. The Egyptian man filed a complaint against him and gave police a medical report stating his bruises and grazes on his body. Police are investigating. —Al-Rai

Break-in A citizen told Meidan Hawally police that his American ex-wife’s flat was broken into and a safe was stolen. The safe contained three diamond rings, precious stones and documents. The man told police that two laptops were also stolen. Police are investigating

Vengeful brothers crash foe’s car Detectives are looking for three brothers who deliberately crashed their sports-utility-vehicle (SUV) onto a citizen’s car in front of Mubarak Al-Kabeer police station, and then smashed the glass with a metal piece, before driving away. The incident happened once the citizen left the police station after filing a complaint against the brothers’ cousin for insulting him.