KUWAIT: The Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) has listed 800 houses for letting housing units to bachelors in private or model residential areas, and owners have been warned to evict them or have the electricity supply disconnected. MEW explained that electricity was disconnected in 200 of those houses, while the owners of 200 others legalized their status by only letting the units to families. According to MEW statistics, Farwaniya topped all areas in terms of letting housing units to bachelors in private residential areas.

Co-ops’ jobs
As part of a plan to replace expats working in co-ops with citizens, the ministry of social affairs and some co-ops recently appointed 527 citizens in leading positions, said informed sources. The sources added that 1,249 jobs had been listed in various co-ops pending replacing expats and filling them with citizens. “42 percent of the jobs are now filled with citizens,” the sources added.

Search for railings thief
Hawally security forces located and impounded a vehicle a thief was using to steal aluminum railings from pedestrian footbridges in various areas, said security sources. Notably, a citizen recorded the suspect stealing the railings on video and published it on social media, which triggered a search for the vehicle. It was found abandoned with the stolen items in it in Salwa. Further investigations are in progress to identify the owner and interrogate him. Notably, the suspect will be facing charges of stealing and damaging public property.

Kuwaitis released
Well-informed diplomatic sources stressed that efforts exerted by Kuwait’s embassy in Iraq succeeded in releasing three Kuwaitis who had been detained there while hunting in Muthanna governorate. Notably, the three citizens were arrested while hunting in no-hunting zones and were interrogated by Iraqi intelligence. Iraqi authorities had banned hunting in the southern deserts after Qatari hunters were kidnapped there in 2015.

By A Saleh