Supporters disappointed after Kuwait knocked out of Gulf Cup

Everyone in Kuwait was jubilant after the state’s football suspension was lifted by FIFA, and people were doubly excited that the 23rd Arabian Gulf Cup is being held in Kuwait. Everybody has rushed to support the Kuwaiti national football team in this championship, especially since the team hasn’t played competitively for two years.

The information ministry also launched intensive campaigns to encourage the people to support the national team. Besides the great organization of the opening ceremony, the ministry prepared various videos and songs that were broadcast on all TV channels and radio stations, encouraging people to attend the matches. Moreover, entry to the stadiums is free of charge.

Many individuals also announced prizes for the players to encourage them to perform better. Popular social media influencer Aboodka set a prize of KD 1,000 for every Kuwaiti player who scored a goal in the first match. Only one Kuwaiti player – Abdullah Al-Breiki – scored, and Aboodka sent him the prize the next day. Before the second match, Aboodka set a prize of KD 2,000 for the goalkeeper if no goal was scored against him, in addition to the KD 1,000 prize for the goal-scorers.

Before the tournament, MP Jamal Al-Omar announced a prize of KD 2,000 for every Kuwaiti player who scores a goal during any match. After the second match, other social media influencers announced financial rewards for goal-scoring players in the coming matches. Meanwhile, some restaurants are running special promotions and offering discounts or special menus during the period of the tournament in support of the national team.

But the massive attendance by fans for the opening match between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia last Friday was the biggest show of support. The 65,000-seater stadium was completely filled with people more than two hours before the match started. Thousands of other fans were not let in as the stadium was already full beyond capacity. Even after the Blues lost against Saudi Arabia 1-2, Kuwaiti fans rushed to support their team in their second match against Oman on Monday. The match was fully attended and the stadium was completely full again. Unfortunately, Kuwait lost again 0-1 and was knocked out, disappointing all the fans.

By Nawara Fattahova