EssaSearching Google for information about the volume of arm deals the GCC states had made with the US and Western countries, and sometimes with Russia, one would imagine that our states get the endless amounts they pay for such deals from ocean-deep fortunes and that oil price deterioration, accumulating deficits and constant liquidation of investment assets are all lies and illusions. Otherwise, how can explain and justify such deals with astronomical figures in view of terrible economic situations?!

In June, Kuwait announced that the government made a deal to purchase 24 French Caracal choppers for one billion euros. A while earlier, US’ Boeing announced a deal is near with Kuwait to sell it 40 Super Hornet jet fighters for $3 billion. Nowadays, we read newspaper stories about a project to purchase 28 Euro fighters for eight or nine billion euros (as if the one billion difference is insignificant!)

What is all this? Will we declare war on some country soon and this is why we are stacking weapons just in case. Are we deliberately and despite our economic problems contributing to boosting European and American economies or are these deals merely made out of courtesy to win those countries’ blessings and remain close friends with our Western masters?

I can imagine that commercial Boeing and Airbus jets are not only flying with cheap fuel from our countries, but they also fly high like dragons consuming cash funds they bite off our economies. They eagerly consume our lives and the future of our children. A few days ago in an Al-Rai editorial, fellow-writer Jassem Boodai raised several questions about this deal or project and made several accusations concerning manufacturing faults in the fighters as well as their prices, and in the end, he said that the commission some unidentified broker would get for this particular deal would be $450 million. Wow! That is what is called a lifetime deal!

Earlier, MP Abdullah Al-Tamimi filed several inquiries to the defence minister in February about this deal. Well, the sad thing now is not this government’s silence and turning blind eyes to our current financial status. The situation is even worse because of NGOs’ indifference as waste of funds and resources continues making repeated warning sounds, only falling on deaf ears! —Translated by Kuwait Times

By Hassan Al-Essa