DuaijIran announced a tender to invest in the Al-Durra oilfield, which is disputed with Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. As soon as this purely technical news item was announced, all tweeters became patriotic and worried about Kuwait and its rights and these were notably led by the Muslim Brotherhood MPs and the media members of the Al-Hirak oppositionist movement. I have no objection, and there is not supposed to be, on the keenness of some people to express their patriotism, but I have an objection on the form and subject of this patriotism.

The patriots were careless and negligent in many similar incidents where Iran was not a party, so their feeling here is not patriotism or loyalty to the country, as much as it is their animosity with their backward mentality towards the other, which is Iran.

In the case of the Muslim Brotherhood, and as revenge against the authority in the case of Hirak members, or the two together, it is not a patriotic feeling and not true sincerity towards the country’s interests – rather it is an expression of a problem some of us are suffering from in co-living and agreeing with others. The only thing that took place so far is an Iranian announcement about a plan to work in the disputed field, and Kuwait’s legitimate government rejected the Iranian step, not because it is an aggression on Kuwaiti property or encroachment on Kuwait borders, but because Iran made the announcement without coordination with the Kuwaiti side.

This is what I understood and I may be wrong, but I also know that Kuwait objected many times, and this is not the first time, on Iran’s attempts to search for oil in Al-Durra field before the completion of the continental shelf talks, which we’ve been hearing about since the 1980s! Rather, the Iranians stopped a few weeks ago the search in the field after the protest of the Kuwait government. Our government succeeded in dealing diplomatically with the border oil disputes, be it with Saudi Arabia or Iran, and an agreement is in the process that will preserve Iran’s claims along Kuwaiti and Saudi claims, so please drop your newfound patriotism and shed your malice and forget your differences with the authority, because playing with the fire of wars leaves only ashes.

—Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Qabas

By Abdellatif Al-Duaij