KUWAIT: Residency Affairs Departments’ detectives arrested a worker and three maids who changed jobs and worked as nurses though they were not qualified. The arrest was made after an agreement with an undercover agent and they were handed to concerned authorities.

Mugged A Pakistani expat who works as an air-conditioning technician was beaten by two men who took his money and two phones before disappearing, according to his statements to police. Khaitan police are investigating.

Domestic altercation During a talk over a marital dispute, a husband pulled a gun on his wife’s brother who snatched the gun from him. Security sources said police received a call about a fight inside a house in Mubarak Al-Kabeer and when a patrol went to the area, they found out the fight was between a bedoon (stateless) woman and her brother with her husband. The husband was charged with possession of an unlicensed firearm and attempted murder.

Attempted escape A citizen, a Gulf national and a bedoon man were sent to the public prosecution for attempting to escape from the holding cell of Adan police station by attempting to break through the bathroom window.

Forgery Special task force officers arrested a Bangladeshi fugitive, who is wanted for forging official documents. Investigations had revealed that the man was ‘a professional’ in this field.