KUWAIT: The Finance Ministry yesterday strongly stressed that a study on subsidies was still in progress, and that the concerned committee and the government had not made any related decisions except that of re-pricing petrol and diesel. A committee that includes representatives from several state departments is currently studying the feasibility of proposals to cut or reduce the subsidization of some services. The ministry also denied news reports about financial reforms, suspending subsidized items and selling two blocks in Khaitan through a public auction.

Commenting on news about suspending subsidized supplies for those who receive salaries equal to or higher than KD 1,300, the Cabinet’s consideration of new financial reforms, further gas price increases and increasing electricity fees, the ministry said that the committee entrusted with studying different types of subsidies was still studying them through a specialized company hired for this reason.

The statement also denied intentions to reclaim the KD 325 million already paid to take over lands in blocks three and four in Khaitan to resell them in an auction, noting that the cabinet was still considering the issue. Finally, the finance ministry urged all media and newspapers to verify any stories related to public concerns, especially those related to subsidies, and be more accurate about them.

Fake reports
Well-informed sources at the Manpower Public Authority announced detecting some fake absconding reports filed against expatriate workers, adding that some sponsors usually use such measures to avoid being fined for not paying overdue salaries. The sources added that some sponsors file such reports against laborers although the latter are punctual in their work, adding that in a bid to do both sides justice, all such reports would be reviewed by a special committee to determine which ones are true and which ones are malicious. The sources added that employers have requested extending the deadline to deposit salaries in local banks beyond the tenth 10th of each month so that they could avoid delays that eventually end up in the form of complaints field against them.

Ambassador sentenced
The criminal court yesterday sentenced a Kuwaiti ambassador to seven years with labor and dismissal from office and sentenced another to five years with labor and dismissal from office. The court also sentenced them both to pay back the sum of KD 269,045 and a fine of KD 592,000 for public fund violation-related charges. The criminal court also sentenced a prominent businessman and three others to three years with labor over charges of forgery.

Chance for rain
The meteorology department predicted the weather on Wednesday and Thursday to be cloudy with very good chances of rain in various parts of the country.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi