KUWAIT: Commenting on social media stories about events of Adan police station on Wednesday the relations and security information department said a citizen with three other told police he was beaten by four people he does not know because they parked their car in the road and he was unable to reach his home. It said that 25 persons came to the police station and attacked the man in the police station, and injured a woman, this brought Mubarak Al-Kabeer security who were able to break up the fight, those involved in the fight were to be sent to the prosecution.

Fake detective’s house raided
Jahra detectives closed at least 35 forced robbery cases posing as detectives, most of which were committed in Farwaniya governorate, and targeted Arab and Asian expats, according to a security source. The success came following the raid of a house in Taima where one of the thieves live. A vehicle at the scene was also found to be stolen. The arrested thief confessed to committing the theft. He also had a forged police detective badge, stolen material and a flashlight he used to scare expats.

Car fire in Salwa
South Salmiya firemen responded to a call about a fire in a car parked next to a bank in Salwa. The fire reached parts of the bank. The fire was brought under control before it spread further.

Vehicle accidents
A 19 year old Kuwaiti was killed when his ATV flipped over in Mina Abdallah. Meanwhile an Indian was killed when another Indian ran him over.

Weapons found
Weapons detectives found weapons and ammunition with 5 suspects. This followed several raids of homes in Sulaibiya, Jaber Al-Ahmad, Fintas Sabah Al-Salem, Abu Halaifa and Rumaithiya. Investigations showed that a citizen has an unlicensed weapon, and his house in Fintas was raided where several bullets were found, he said that he sold the weapon to another person in Sabah al-Salem, his house was raided and AK-47 pistol and large ammunition were found. He in turn said that he got it from a citizen in Rumaithiya whose house was raided and a pistol was found. The suspects are being questioned before being sent to concerned authorities. In another incident, weapons detectives arrested a citizen in possession of 2 “RBK” machine guns and unlicensed shotgun and ammunition in Jahra stables area. The suspect was sent to concerned authorities.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun