Mutair enraged by ‘divisive’ query

File Photo: MP Ahmad Al-Fadhl speaks to Kuwait Times. — Photo by Yasser Al-Zayyat

KUWAIT: In a rare question, pro-government MP Ahmad Al-Fadhl yesterday asked the interior minister about the type of citizenship granted to opposition MP Mohammad Hayef and his father. The two lawmakers recently exchanged harsh accusations around a proposed law to grant immunity to two opposition MPs who were handed jail terms for storming the National Assembly. Fadhl asked the minister for a copy of the decree in which Hayef was granted Kuwaiti citizenship and enquired if proper legal procedures were followed in granting the citizenship to Hayef and his father.

The lawmaker also asked the minister about the article under which Hayef and his father were granted Kuwaiti citizenship and demanded a copy of the decree. Fadhl further asked if the status of Hayef’s citizenship was upgraded to the first degree and demanded to know the reasons for such an action. Under Kuwaiti law, there are several degrees of Kuwaiti citizenship, as “original” Kuwaitis are granted a first-degree citizenship while naturalized Kuwaitis are granted other types. Also, under the law, only Kuwaitis who hold a first-degree citizenship are allowed to contest parliamentary elections.

MP Hayef has so far not made any comments on the questions, but opposition MP Mohammad Al-Mutair lashed out at the government and vowed to grill the prime minister. Mutair charged that the question was manipulated by the government, adding that it could create divisions within the Kuwaiti people. He reiterated his resolve to grill the prime minister over this and several other issues.

Hayef has also championed a campaign to press the government to return the citizenships that were revoked of a large number of opposition figures and former lawmakers. He vowed he will grill the prime minister over a variety of alleged violations including this one, adding that he will file a non-cooperation motion against the premier. MP Majed Al-Mutairi said he will not rest before the revoked citizenships are returned.

By B Izzak