Ramona Crasto

It’s 7.30 and I’m awake, must be Sunday. I check the Kuwait Times website as a morning ritual and just when I thought with all the visits our delegations are making around the world, there might be a little peace, except the Festival of rockets in the East, I open my eyes to another attack, the world mourns at the loss of the future generation at the UK massacre. After the 2005 London bombings this attack has being the deadliest one on the UK soil.

How does someone see a place filled with enthusiastic youth enjoying the time of their life, as a target? Even hell has its norms, only if you sin you get there. But suicide bombers search for a chance to make earth a living hell. Manchester as a country came together at such a time of great despair. This one sentence by one of the survivors broke my heart saying, “I got home safe with my kids, but many won’t.”

All these security measures that we take are for nothing. It’s completely useless. People still pass through metal detectors and high end security. Now how is that possible? Technology of course, but shouldn’t we be as step ahead of all this. Is this ever going to stop?

The key to these issues is not waiting for someone to claim it, you cut the root of the problem and the problem will cease to exist. War, attacks and our everyday routine walk side to side on a daily basis now and all we do is comment and mourn and support which isn’t bad, it’s humane. But actions speak louder than words, that’s what I was taught as a child and I believe it’s high time we put all those moral science lessons to some use.

I don’t mean to provoke violence against violence. I remember this saying, if you rob a robber’s house, it isn’t robbery. If you put an end to people responsible for such massacres, it isn’t a threat to their human rights because they took those rights away from all the people that they slaughtered like animals. All this simply proves their dominance and fear that is increasing and taking over the world. After dinosaurs, we have been a dominant species on this planet and I don’t think you’ll want such power to fall in the hands of people who make Satan look better.

By Ramona Crasto