Eva Mary Hormise

By Jaimon George

Eva Mary Hormise, a student of class six could not hold back the words that were gushing out from within her. First it was just an idea, then it gained form and shape and grew into a fully-fledged children’s novel spread over 125 pages. The novel narrates the story of six teenagers and their incredible adventure that takes them closer to their dream.

Eva’s debut novel titled ‘The Csirars out on a Magical Adventure’, has Carter Owen, the son of business tycoon John Owen and Glidey Owen as the protagonist. The novel that begins in San Francisco ends in the mega city of New York. However, the dream land that the youngsters are trying to set their foot in is the focal point in the novel.

The key to the magical world of this fabulous novel lies in Carter’s own words, “I’m a normal boy, or was a normal boy. Circumstances made me a ‘savior’.” The novel opens up an enchanting world of unique imagery and is sure to take children on a spectacular magical journey. The amazing depiction of how children react to adults’ behavior patterns makes this book an interesting read for children, as well as a great reading experience for adults. This novel surely opens a door to the thought process and ideas of the new generation.

The novel is available on all online retail platforms including Amazon. Eva is a student at Rajagiri Christu Jayanthi Public School, Kakkanad, Kochi, in the southern Indian state of Kerala. She is also the winner of RJ Hunt Radio Super Star that was organized by noted publishing house Harper Collins India.

It took Eva eight months to complete this novel. She is the daughter of businessman Hormise Issac Vithayathil and Riya Syriac who is a software engineer. She has a two-year-old brother, Eric. Revealing that she got the idea for her novel in her sleep, Eva says her dream is to pen even more interesting novels and stories in the future.