KUWAIT: The public prosecution office yesterday decided to detain three citizens in a case involving a fight that took place in Hawally and left one Egyptian man dead. The three include the main suspect who drove the vehicle that ran over the victim. The prosecution also decided to release four other citizens and detain 4 Egyptians to be examined by the forensic medicine department.

Death penalty
The Criminal Court yesterday sentenced a Kuwaiti man to death after he was found guilty of murdering a citizen in Fintas. Another suspect was sentenced to three years in prison in the same case.

Citizenship withdrawal
The government refused to justify its decision to withdraw former MP Abdullah Al-Barghash’s citizenship before the Court of Appeal, and explained that it only withdrew the citizenship certificate of Barghash himself, and not of his family members. The court set the next hearing on November 11 to make its verdict.

Laws review
The constitutional court yesterday set a hearing to be held November 11 to review seven contests on amending the penal law number 16/1960, the GCC unified customs law, Zakat law, shareholding companies, the anti-corruption authority, disclosure statement and domestic labor.

Smuggling foiled
The official spokesperson of the General Customs Department said that three smuggling cases were foiled at Kuwait International Airport yesterday, including a case in which an Asian woman was arrested who was hiding 10 kilograms of marijuana in her luggage. Meanwhile, an Asian man was arrested for hiding 250 grams of marijuana in a meat bag he brought with him, while a third Asian suspect was arrested for smuggling 2 kilograms of heroin in his clothes.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi