KUWAIT: The education ministry is working hard to obtain health ministry approval for a gradual return to school during the second term, or at least allow for in-person final exams at the end of the 2020/2021 school year while observing the strict health measures due to the pandemic, Al-Qabas reported. Official sources said statistics of the first academic term revealed 94 percent of the total number of students received an “excellent” grade, which means their grades were 90 percent and above for morning and evening public and private schools, religious schools and adults.

The sources said education officials are very worried about the future of education following the high grades the students received with minimum effort and without exams, especially since it equates hardworking students with lazy ones. The ministry gave the return-to-school and written exams at the end of the current school year proposals to the health ministry for review, then present it to the Cabinet soon.