Photos by Shakir Reshamwala

The Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Centre (ASCC) is the largest museum complex in the world. It comprises of six museums related to natural history, science and technology, Arab and Islamic science and space. The center is home to some 22 world-class galleries, with over 3,000 exhibits.

We continue our journey of discovery at the Ecosystems museum to understand how different types of biomes influenced the development of the biodiversity of our planet over millions of years. An entire wing of the museum breathtakingly recreates Southeast Asia’s rainforests and mangroves and their flora and fauna. The rainforest leads to an underground aquarium with a variety of marine life.

A section on the ecosystem of Kuwait has interactive displays to learn more about our natural habitat and the wildlife that lives in extreme environments. Exhibits with models of microorganisms, plants and animals offer visitors insights into Earth’s diverse creatures.