KUWAIT: Director of Residency Affairs Maj General Talal Marafi yesterday met with a number of EU diplomats of countries whose citizens will be eligible to use the recently launched e-visa system to explain the system to them.

Marafi explained that Kuwait issues visas through immigration departments, Kuwaiti consulates abroad, hotels and commercial companies, direct access through various marine, land and air border exits and finally by using the e-visa system. Marafi added that subjects of 54 countries would benefit from the new system.

He also noted that applicants would be contacted through email in case of rejection, which might be only done for security reasons, incomplete information or data or unclear photos on passports. In addition, Marafi explained that instead of checking with Kuwait embassies, those wishing to visit Kuwait could apply online at the Interior Ministry’s website www.moi.gov.kw or have it directly issued at exits in return for a KD 3 fee.