KUWAIT: Kuwait was hit by a heavy dust storm yesterday. The dust wave gripped Kuwait – causing visibility to drop drastically. The dust subsided gradually as temperatures dropped. The low pressure air led to thunderstorms and dusty winds with low visibility of less than 500 meters in most areas. Thunderstorms hit south of Kuwait as unpredictable weather continues until today, according to Kuwait meteorologist Issa Ramadan. He advised road users to take extra precautions during the stormy weather. The dust carried by storms moved from north and south of Kuwait as well as rain in some areas.

The unstable weather condition created chaos on the Kuwait roads causing a huge traffic. The Interior Ministry warned residents to stay away from the seaside – urging motorists to drive carefully and to follow safety instructions. Experts said that low visibility might result in traffic accidents, indicating that drivers should take care and help protect themselves and others while on the road.

Meanwhile, Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) warned against the unstable weather conditions in the country – urging sea-goers and desert campers to take extra precautions. Kuwait has been experiencing dust storms recently. The unstable weather is affected by the seasonal Sudan depression, accompanied by relative humid air which leads to increasing clouds and scattered rain. Kuwait Meteorological Department had issued a warning to public that unstable with moderate to fresh south easterly wind, with speed of 20-50 km/h will cause dust storm.

By Chidi Emmanuel