Two people arrested yesterday for cutting grass in violation of the environment law.
Two people arrested yesterday for cutting grass in violation of the environment law.
An environment police officer takes a picture using his cell phone of the two men.
An environment police officer takes a picture using his cell phone of the two men.

KUWAIT: Two people were arrested by environmental police yesterday for cutting grass and plants on Sixth Ring Road, and were deported, the Ministry of Interior’s public relations and security information department said. The action was taken during an inspection tour by Director of Environment Police Lt Col Hussein Al-Ajmi, who spotted the two violating the environment law, so they were arrested. They said that they collect the vegetation and take it to animal farms.

Complaint against food company
Environment police in cooperation with Ministry of Public Work’s environment affairs department inspected a food preparation company following complaints of the company’s kitchen dumping untreated oil in drainage sewers which clogged all manholes in that line. The complaint was sent to the public prosecution for further action.

Restaurant fire
Firefighters tackled a blaze that was reported at a restaurant in the transit lounge at Kuwait International Airport yesterday. No injuries were reported. An investigation was opened to reveal the causes of the fire.

Material stolen
Hawally detectives arrested two expatriates trading in stolen copper from several Ministry of Electricity and Water facilities, and utilize a fenced area in Amghara scrap area where they cut and melted the copper and stored it. Two containers full of stolen metal were found, of an estimated weight of 25 tons. Both were sent to concerned authorities.

Drug smugglers nabbed at airport
Airport customs officers foiled attempts to smuggle marijuana and 5,000 illicit tablets in two separate cases. The first according to a customs source was when roaming officers suspected a Bangladeshi national entering Kuwait. When customs searched his luggage they found marijuana in a tamarind can, estimated at one kilogram. In the second case, another Asian man who works in a furniture store hid 5,000 tablets in his suitcase. The two were sent for investigations and prosecution. In a third drug case at the airport, customs officers, in cooperation Mubarak Al-Kabeer detectives foiled an attempt by a Syrian man and a citizen to smuggle 230,000 Captagon tablets that arrived from Syria by air, and both were arrested. The tablets were hidden inside car transmission parts.

Spying cameras confiscated
A container loaded with spying cameras was confiscated at the instructions of Acting Director General of Customs Department Adnan Al-Qudaibi. The cameras were not mentioned on the customs declaration form in order to avoid paying fees.

Wafra liquor factory raided
Ahmadi police sent four men to the Drugs Control General Department for manufacturing liquor in Wafra area. Police authorities in Ahmadi received information about four Indian citizens who were making liquor in their Wafra area residence, so a warrant was obtained and raided the home where they found equipment and a large quantity of local liquor ready for sale. A total of 141 barrels full of liquor, 37 distillation barrels and 420 bottles were found.

Municipality head congratulated
Communications Minister and State Minister for Municipality Affairs Essa Al-Kandari said his top priority now is completing strengthening of municipality law 5/2005, which was studied by the municipality and fatwa and legislation department, and is being discussed at the Cabinet for approval. He said the new law will deal with many negatives with regards to construction violations and will untangle conflicts between the municipality and other departments, besides organizing the work of the municipal council in cooperation with the National Assembly. Kandari was speaking during an event to congratulate Ahmad Al-Manfouhi over his appointment as director general of the municipality. He said “we congratulate the youth Ahmad Al-Manfouhi for the Cabinet’s approval of his appointment as director general”.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun