‘99 percent of the patients are demanding a more natural look’

KUWAIT: Dr Helen Azaryan speaks to the media at the Ansari Clinic in Salmiya. —Photos by Joseph Shagra

KUWAIT: Medicine is improving and new techniques are coming to the market, and the esthetic medicine is one of the most developing, both surgical and non-surgical. Dr. Helen Azaryan, Dermatologist, Venereologist, and Cosmetologist at the Ansari Clinic in Salmiya have invented a new technology, the ‘Hap treatment’ (Hyaluronic Acid and PRP ‘plasma therapy’), after trying it on 57 women in Armenia.

“By mixing these two materials, I got amazing results. We are using the PRP from long time, and in this treatment we take the blood form the patient, and we separate the white cells from the rest of the cells, activating it, and then injecting it to the skin (PRP). Then the Hyalurinic Acid is known as a filler,” she said during a media roundtable held recently.

Our skin from inside consists from main three ingredients among others: “Collagen, elastin, and Hyaluronic. So if we are just injecting the hyaluronic acid for volume, it is not enough for the other ingredients; the collagen and elastin. With aging, bones resorption and loosing fats from face causes sagging skin, and we notice orbital space under eyes is bigger for instance and the chin as well as the bones are getting smaller,” she added.

“To replace this, we can just give volume with Hyaluronic Acid replacement. But with activated plasma therapy we can stimulate all the cells, which we need to activate. And when we mix them together they work better, and stimulate each other better. Hyaluronic stimulates the fiberglass which is the mother cell in the skin and at the same time the PRP stimulates the fiberglass and this activation is doubled, and this is bossed on the researches that I did two years back in Armenia,” explained Azaryan.

In this study she applied the Hyaluronic Acid alone and the PRP alone and then the combination of both mixed together on 57 women. “This evidence based study was applied by the skin ultrasound, which is not very popular yet. And before these 57 cases I also applied it on 20 cases by biopsy on small area near the ears. These studies showed better construction of the skin when using the mix for all the layers of the skin. The skin ultrasound machine shows the inner layers of the skin and the effect of the treatment,” she noted.

She decided to apply this treatment especially for the eyes problems, which is most common. “When just using the Hyaluronic Acid filler in this area, after some time the color changes to blue color, so we have to remove the filler and inject it again, as the Hyaluronic Acid collects water. I avoided this problem by producing the PRP in solid form to work as a filler. I mixed little of the Hyaluronic Acid with the PRP in one injection. Here the PRP will first give volume, then it will go deeper and increase the collagen and elastin, and at the same time the Hyaluronic Acid will give volume. So the result will be better and for longer period without causing the blue color,” highlighted Azaryan.

The result of this treatment differs depending on the purpose and dosage. “If it’s only used for rejuvenating then the sessions should be repeated. But if we used it as a filler then it stay for over two years, as the Hyaluronic Acid stays long in the eye area. This treatment we can rejuvenate even other areas of the body such as décolleté, hands, skin after surgeries, hair and many others,” she pointed out.

The second treatment is about removing or eliminating the wrong Botox application. “Removing the undesired filler has treatment, thus for Botox it is not available yet. I’m using the Botox for over 15 years. The trend and demand of patients changed comparing to 10 years ago. Today about 99 percent of the patients are demanding natural look, so it’s not nice to have a completely frozen look and removing all wrinkles, but there should be some natural moving of the face muscles. So instead of getting the Botox done every 6 months, we can apply it every 4 months, thus use less quantity, so we don’t get the angry or freez look. The beauty is harmonic,” she further said.

People have different structure and anatomy of their face, they can’t all look the same. We apply the Botox to both the lower and upper parts of the face, to get the right balance, so muscles in both areas work in the same way. Until now there is no antidote for Botox here, but it’s already available in Armenia, Georgia, Russia, and some other countries. I also did study on this using neurostimulator stimulating the nerves which was used as intramuscular injection to stimulate nerves. So I thought why not using it to treat the areas that are paralyzed by the Botox. This is the same as using mesotherapy for hair and skin after it was originally used as medical treatment,” stressed Azaryan.

She started applying this invention first on a patient in Armenia who came to her clinic there with almost closed eyes from wrongly injected Botox. “After only two days of me applying this technique on her she opened her eyes. The most common problem caused by wrong injected Botox is diplopia when there is overdose. Good thing about Botox is that its result is temporary, yet the patient shouldn’t be suffering for couple of months,” she stated.

Dr. Azaryan decided to do researches on the Procerus muscle. “This muscle is not attaching to other muscles. I checked the activity of this muscle with Mayography to show the activity of this muscle on 25 patients. So I compared between the groups of these patients from those who applied the antidote and those who didn’t and I didn’t get any allergy reaction. The reaction to the antidote differs from one patient to another, some get the result after two days while others after a week, but it’s not three months. This is something new. Botox is a great thing but it should be in an experienced hand,” she also said.
Mesobotox is another great new invention that can be used for many purposes. “The Mesobotoxis used for revitalizing face skin, for treating skin after surgeries to remove the scars, as the recovery is very fast. I use it also to lighten the dark area under the eye,” noted Azaryan.

Nose thread is another new practice used by Dr. Azaryan. “I used the nose thread that is used for nose lifting to eliminate and lift the line of the forehead, as this is a danger zone for filler. This is a fast solution giving lifting effect for long time. This is safer than filler, as the wrong injecting of filler into the nose may cause necrosis,” she concluded.
By Nawara Fattahova