Don’t be shy to select your gift

Sahar Moussa

By Sahar Moussa

Kuwaitis in general are known to spend a lot of money on gifts, especially at weddings, graduations and on welcoming a new baby. Sometimes people gift useless presents that end up in the drawer untouched or unused – that’s why it is very important to ask the person you are gifting what they need before you buy it.

I know it is inappropriate for people to specify what they want for their birthdays, weddings, baby showers or any other occasion, but if you ask me directly what I want for my birthday or any celebration, I will answer without any hesitation – money.

I know a lot of people would like to answer the same, but they are too shy to admit it because it’s kind of a social taboo. But seriously – who doesn’t like to receive money anytime and anywhere, even if the amount is very little!
I believe nowadays everybody needs extra money – a small amount of money is better than receiving a gift that you don’t use or need.

It doesn’t matter how much money you receive – small amounts from several people will add up, and you will end up with a decent amount of money. Gold is also a fantastic present you can gift people no matter how small the item is – at the end of the day, ‘gold is gold’ and it never ever loses its value even after decades.

Another good way for gifting is to ask if there is a list, and this is recommended for baby showers and weddings, because – admit it – nowadays preparing for a new baby or getting married is very, very expensive. Trust me on that! When I first learned I was pregnant, I had no idea what the baby “must-have items” were until I did my research and asked experienced moms, which made my head spin. Luckily, my sister-in-law created a list for me and sent it to all family members to help me out in this mission, otherwise I would have been in big trouble.

For newlywed couples, usually there is a wedding list or a bank account number, which can be a great support for the bride and groom. As for new graduates, putting money in their bank account instead of bringing a useless present is an excellent way to encourage them and teach them the importance of saving money for their future.

For children’s birthdays, the best investment is to open a savings account. You can deposit money on any other occasion as well, and in no time the amount will add up, which will be a kind of security for their future. But there’s no doubt that presents such as toys are very important for children – you can see the glow in their eyes – apart from money.

Briefly, what I’m trying to say is that investing in a beneficial gift such as money or gold is the best present you can ever give to anyone, and my advice is to stop being shy about what you really want as a gift. I do understand that sometimes a certain gift can have a lot of sentimental meaning to it that can really make a big difference to some people, but if I am ever asked to choose a gift, money will be my first choice. Maybe some people will say I’m being materialistic, but I am not – I am only being realistic!