KUWAIT: The domestic help department launched a wide ranging campaign in the six governorates to check on various domestic help offices. An unlicensed office was discovered in Hawally governorate, while another office that handles weddings was found to be bringing in domestic help illegally. It also issued receipts in the name of another office. A bedoon at the office was arrested for bringing in domestic help without the knowledge of the office license owner. The bedoon and another person who was arrested were sent to concerned authorities.

Citizen, policemen assaulted
A citizen was beaten and insulted by her brothers and sisters in Waha. The woman went to Waha police station and filed a complaint. She said her brothers accused her of taking the money of the mother as well as a handicapped loan in the name of her mother. Detectives are investigating. In another development, two cousins beat and insulted two Capital policemen. A security source said while a patrol was roaming Rawda, a sports car was stopped, but two men came out and began shouting insults and beat the patrolmen when they were asked to hand over the license and car title. Detectives are looking for them.

Wanted Kuwaiti nabbed
A security source said Khaitan police station called a citizen and asked him to come over to receive a court summons. Once at the police station, he was found wanted for a KD50,000 debt. Also, an unidentified person turned his phone off when he realized that a woman he was harassing had complained against him. A security source said a teacher told Sabah Al-Salem police and that she received several WhatsApp messages after midnight urging her to commit vice acts. Detectives are working on the case.

11-year-old girl assaulted
An Asian worker assaulted an 11-year-old girl, according to her expat father. A security source said the incident took place in a bookstore where she was buying school materials. The suspect was arrested and sent to the police prosecution. – Al-Anbaa