KUWAIT: A suspected drug addict stormed into the office of Dr Ahmad Al-Awadhi, director for the Kuwait Center Control Cancer (KCCC) and caused extensive damage in it, including scattering patients’ reports and records. The man reportedly became agitated when a doctor refused to prescribe ‘narcotics’ to him because he does not have a file and is not a patient at the center. Dr Awadhi avoided contact with the attacker after noticing that he was in an abnormal condition, so police were called and they removed the man from the center.

The Health Ministry had been asking the Interior Ministry to provide security in all hospitals, particularly in the Sabah health zone, where there is only one security point though there are more than 20 hospitals and specialized centers. Security sources later revealed that police was present at the scene, but the management refused to file a complaint against the attacker. The sources also identified the suspect as the brother of a current parliament member.

Series of attacks Meanwhile, the Kuwait Medical Association (KMA) condemned the series of attacks on the medical community and asked the health ministry to increase the police presence in ministry hospitals. Kuwait Medical Association Secretary General Dr Mohammad Al-Qinae said an increase in police presence will solve the problem until a doctor protection law is approved. Qanae asked all doctors who are affected by attacks to resort to the law to preserve their rights. He said KMA is ready to file complaints free of charge on behalf of doctors who are attacked. Attacks on doctors and nurses are frequent in Kuwait and typically occur when a patient or a patient’s family are unsatisfied with care or when a patient dies. Only rare do attacks stem from drug addicts seeking to rob clinics of narcotics.

Salwa fire In other news, the South Salmiya Fire Center responded to a call about a fire in a house in Salwa. The house was evacuated then fire fighters put out the fire which started in the living room. No injuries were reported. In Farwaniya, a fire broke out in commercial compound, prompting Farwaniya firemen to respond. The firemen faced difficulties in aerating the complex because windows were shut with wood, bad storage and random wiring. The firemen evacuated the complex and fought the fire that spread to neighboring shops.

Illegal calls A gang that provides international calls illegally was arrested by Farwaniya police and confiscated its equipment. Security sources said a patrol noticed a Bangladeshi man standing at the door of a room on a side road, then when he was approached, he escaped and entered a room where he was caught. The room was found equipped with international calls equipment and said he runs it. Five land phones, six timers and a calculator were found along with internet connections

Boat A boat sank in Subbiya bay with an injured person on board. Shuwaikh sea rescue center responded and rescued the injured person and transferred him in an amphibious boat because of shallow waters. He was in critical condition.

Traffic campaign Traffic department launched several surprise campaigns in the six governorates in the period between 23 and 29 of August 2015, resulting in issuing 48,148 tickets, impounding 431 wanted vehicles, detaining 27 persons while five expatriates were sent for deportation for driving without a license.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and Meshaal Al-Enezi