The late former MP Falah Al-Sawwagh

KUWAIT: The misdemeanors court sentenced two doctors (a Kuwaiti and an Egyptian) to a year in jail for manslaughter in the death of former MP Falah Al-Sawwagh. The court decided they can pay KD 5,000 to stop the implementation of the sentence. The health ministry and the coroner said the death of Sawwagh was due to a medical error, with tests showing the presence of toxins and bacteria. Separately, the appeals court ordered the arrest of a citizen accused of forging a law degree which he used to apply for a deputy prosecutor’s job. The court of first instance had sentenced the suspect to five years in jail, in addition to two Egyptian men; one works in the Ministry of Higher Education and the other owns an institution in a Gulf country.

By A Saleh and Meshaal Al-Enezi